The Zoo - Home Sweet Home!

     'Home' for 7 weeks was a mushroom camp at Cranberry Junction known as the 'Zoo'. There were about 200 pickers from around the world and an odder assortment of characters I could not imagine!
Some had huge motor homes complete with satellite dishes, atv's and boats of every description, from canoes to this one guy who had an everglades-style boat powered by an airplane engine. He would fly this thing way up the river to his secret valley and come back with a fortune everyday when the shrooms were poppin'!
     Most of us stayed in make-shift shantys made of tarps and birch-branch frames. The biggest problem was staying warm and dry in the heavy, cold rains. You think Survivors got it tough? Ha! They're livin' in Club Med!

Typical shroom camp shanty, many had small woodstoves built in.

                 Mushroom buyers at Nass Camp, just a few of dozens in the area.

For several weeks, a small town pops up in the middle of the forest.

             Making Amanita chips over a kerosene heater.

                             Phaeolepiota aurea  - a rare mushroom
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